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Has Children Foundation is engaged in social interaction for the building of a community that will be relevant in the years to come.

The Has Children Foundation is a foundation established by Mr. Edward & his team. Since its initiator, Mr. Edward Kavuma, his team of volunteers, the full-time employees of the HAS Children Foundation, the foundation’s partners and its sponsors have all been working tirelessly to offer children and teenagers of Uganda the chance of enjoying a better future through direct access to education. Financed through private donations, particularly from the Sponsor Circle, the foundation builds schools, children’s homes and hospitals – true to its motto ‘Helping Children Together for Better Future’. Working in close partnership with local organizations, the foundation also safeguards the reliable and successful running of its facilities in the long term.

We are collecting money for Has Children’s Hospitals. Our donors, particularly members of the Sponsor Circle, help promote humanity and we use their donations sensibly.

We believe that good health is a basic necessity for every child. That is why we are building Has Children’s Hospital – to provide access to quality health care.

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