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Our Vision

The Mission and Vision

The Mission and Vision of HAS Children’s Hospital is to provide best health care to needy children in Kampala by making optimum use of the available financial, human and material resources to the mutual benefit of the patients, employees and community at large.

We Care

The HAS Children’s hospital will serve children coming from Kampala and nearby area. The hospital infrastructure will be excellent and adequate with a rising number of patients. The main objective of the project is to improve the delivery of the Uganda National Minimum Health Care.


Health infrastructure in the country has deteriorated due to inadequate budget allocations for maintenance activities. Health facilities lack essential equipment. There has been total neglect of maintenance services leading to extensive deterioration of buildings, medical equipment and furniture, general purpose transport and ambulances.

The project focuses mainly on health infrastructure improvement for the delivery of the minimum national health care package.

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Departments and facilities

We want to establish hospital with a bed capacity of 50 beds, with following Departments and facilities.


Operation Theater

Surgical Ward

Accident and emergency services through provision of a new Casualty ward

Maternity ward

Children’s ward

Drug store

Blood bank


X-ray/radiology services

Installation of the solar on the theater

Administration Office

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Project Scope:

The scope of works involve constriction of maternity ward, making roofing and ceiling, putting Terrazzo in delivery suits, tiling in toilets and private rooms, new electrical and mechanical works, painting, plumbing works, papering, window glassing, construction of the septic tanks, laying of new pipes of 300mm from the reservoir to the supply tank; installation of the water pump; planting of the grass.

We are committed to continuously improve health services by doing investment in health infrastructure will continue and this includes: Construction of new infrastructure at various levels, provision of medical equipment and hospital furniture; provision of solar lighting, improvement of operations and maintenance of health infrastructure, providing ambulances, general transport and Information Communication.

Schedule: It is proposed that the project shall be implemented in 36 months.

This period is broken down as follows:

1. Project Preparation (including preparation of Updating of the Project Document and Project Approval): 3 Months

2. Preparation of Engineering Designs and Tender documents and Procurement of Contractors: 3 Months

3. Implementation of the Works: 30 Months.